I woke up too early this morning (for a Saturday) and lay dozing for a bit. As the sun rose our room became brighter and brighter and soon I was fully awake.

Usually I would grab my phone and see what I missed – what if something happened on Facebook or Instagram and I would never see it again!?

This morning though I forced myself to ignore my phone. I started thinking about writing and I realized the ratio had changed.

As people we used to produce a hell of a lot more than we consume. Growing up in the 80s I remember there being maybe THREE shows on TV we could watch. Now there is no end to the choices available.

Now we are consumers, plugged in to our digital devices and constantly watching, brains disengaged. Facebook used to be a place where you connected with people but if you look at your timeline now it is filled with funny, shocking or interesting videos. You might like something here or there but that’s as active as you get.

There seem to be two types of people now: those making the funny videos, cooking demos or makeup tutorials and those watching them. Actives and passives. The online world seems to be full of people who spend their days doing the most amazing stuff – and then the rest of us live their lives by proxy by watching.

We don’t DO enough anymore – we’re sitting back and letting life pass us by as we watch, plugged into the Matrix.

All this introspection and deep shit on a Saturday morning got me thinking about the type of person I want to be, and the type of role model I want my daughter to see in me. And I don’t like where it’s heading. I need to get out of the slump of consuming (food, videos, movies, books) and DO more with my life.

Writing seems to be a good start. When I started with NanoWriMo I did something I haven’t done in years – switched on the creative side of my brain. I’m stretching those old thinking muscles and finding old skills returning.

I’m really enjoying writing as a way to contribute instead of take, take, take. And this is helping me change the ratio and start LIVING instead of just watching things happen.

Right, this was a whole lot heavier than I expected, but at least I’ve spent a few minutes doing something more than watching cats on YouTube.

Let me know if you agree with this ramble or think I’m just a lazy ass who needs to get a life. Either way, comment below and say your say.

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